Orit Morse. M.A. (C)OACCPP

New Realities uses experiential modalities like guided imagery, psychodrama, art therapy, movement and other body oriented therapies to take you out of your thinking and into your breathing to promote a true and inherently corrective healing.

Individuals with Eating Disorders may have lost their signals for what is true hunger for food and what is a hunger for other life necessities like love, nurturing, sexual expression, career fulfillment, spiritual fulfillment, asserting themselves, conflict resolution, relationship issues, self care vs. Caring for others just to name a few.

Through body consciousness and hunger awareness exercises we can re-learn the difference between the need for food and the need for any of the latter.

Bringing the unconscious to consciousness through guided meditation and other experiential exploration of what the job or purpose of your particular Eating Disorder helps to understand this. Rich and/or repressed memories may surface for deeper understanding and healing.

Healing the mistaken belief systems or early decisions formed by the child through the use of Psychodrama can engage the body allowing the child part an opportunity to make a more effective decision.

In a safe setting, expressing what needs to be expressed directly rather then allowing the eating disorder to express it for you brings profound changes in eating disordered symptoms.

Body image distortions can be confronted and corrected through movement, body dialoguing and body sculpting, allowing the individual to safely explore how they perceive their bodies vs. the reality of what is. Additional healing work is done in how an individual talks to their body and about their body.

At New Realities we believe that the road to recovery is about coming back to the core self.  We encourage the use of journaling, healing meditations, Inner child connections, and healthy self expression through art and movement both in and out of sessions.