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New Realities: The Name

Many people have been on the diet roller coaster for most of their lives. They have been down a few pounds, up a few, plus some rarely accepting that there was a reason the weight, food and body issues were a constant battle.

The name " New Realities" came to be as a result of two like-minded women who both had skills, experience and most of all many past struggles with eating and body issues.

Their philosophy included changing the focus from destructive dieting to looking at the purpose behind the preoccupation with weight, food and body issues. They came to realize that it may have been a survival mechanism in the past that helped them through tough times. They have now come to befriend food and their bodies and are making healthier choices for their lives today.

It really is a New Reality.

New Realities: The Tree

The tree is a universal symbol for growth, healing and the cycles of life.

For New Realities, the tree represents the healing and the growth that occurs in recovery from eating disorders. It also symbolizes the cycles of recovery. As we recover, we go through periods of new tender growth and periods of lush rapid growth. We experience times of reaping the harvest of our efforts and times of rest as we prepare for the next season of new growth.

The tree may represent other qualities to you. How do you relate to trees and the qualities you want or need for your own recovery?

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